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Just a few little things

Hey, Gang! Not going to be a whole lot with this one but wants to cover a few things.

First, Cityscape Tokyo is finally in PRINT! It took some doing, but I am finally able to say you can get a physical copy of my novel now.


Cityscape Tokyo follows the adventure of adopted siblings Sho and Kyoko Kimmamoro. The brother and sister are normal bickering siblings living with their guardian Rei. When Kyoko enters the hospital, things are turned on their head when the Yamazaki Medical Corporation enters their lives revealing a dark past and long-buried secrets.

The print version is available HERE  while the link to the e-book version, as always, is down below! Soon (hopefully) Unconventional will also be coming out in print as well. Stay tuned for that!

Also, once again, I’ll be appearing at the AniMaine convention at the Best Western Merry Manor Inn at South Portland, Maine November 11-13. Not only will I be there covering the con for Japanator, but I am running two panels this year, one for writing professionally, and an adult panel (not for the kiddies) on writing adult fiction. Hope to see one of you there!

And don’t forget to vote!


You can see my published work HERE

You can see my work for Japanator HERE and Tomopop HERE

You can contact me on my Twitter HERE

and remember, I’m STILL a candidate for President of the United States in 2016!

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