Never good at these picks but let’s see how I do this year!

Hi Gang! Once again it is that time of year as we are a few days away from another Wrestlemania event. I haven’t been greatly enthused by the buildup this year. The corporate side of what drives the WWE more and more has been showing itself, but at the same time, I will be watching regardless.

It seems to be a long night with a loaded card so let’s take a look at it.

Winner takes all RAW Woman’s champion Ronda Rousey v/s Smackdown women’s champion Charlotte Flair v/s Becky Lynch: They announced this as the main event and they put some build into it, but it doesn’t feel like THE main event. Word has it this is Rhonda’s last WWE match but again, I don’t believe it and the WWE themselves probably put that word out. Unfortunately, they can’t just whizz by this match now and it had better deliver or not only will the show go bust but this whole “Women’s Revolution” will be for nothing. I’m guessing Charlotte Flair wins as the WWE wouldn’t want the UFCer to win and wouldn’t actually have Becky actually win and make people happy either. WINNER: Charlotte Flair

Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar v/s Seth Rollins: There is a lot of talk of Lesnar finishing up and going to the UFC but that has been done before so it is not the sure thing. It also doesn’t feature Roman Reigns either so if Brock Wins it would have the same effect either. This may be more up in the air, but I pick Rollins to win the title. WINNER: Seth Rollins

WWE Championship Daniel Bryan v/s Kofi Kingston: The build-up has been Kofi getting the same push as Bryan did for Wrestlemania 30. While I am guessing that the WWE will pull some kind of bullshit for this match, I’m going with my gut and saying Kofi actually wins. It can be a good match but I think the WWE will pull some kind of bullshit and try to get you to buy the next PPV for the rematch. WINNER: Kofi Kingston

U.S Championship: Samoa Joe v/s Rey Mysterio: Well, it is better than R-Truth having the belt right? This match should be decent with the people involved. I’d say Joe wins it in a good match. (EDIT: They have announced Rey hurt his ankle Monday night so who knows what happens at this point) WINNER: Samoa Joe

Intercontinental Title: Bobby Lashley v/s Finn Balor: We’ve seen this match before plenty of times. I don’t expect anything new here. My guess is that Balor wins because he is the smaller man and Vince likes guys to “overcome the odds” and win in the end. WINNER: Finn Balor

Smackdown Tag Team Titles: The Usos v/s Riccochet/Aleister Black v/s Rusev/Nakamura v/s  The Bar: This was just added on Smackdown earlier tonight  so not much build or a story outside of one match. Nakamura won the royal Rumble last year and fought for the WWE title at Mania, this year… eh. Black and Riccocet fight on Takeover for the tag titles a few days before so they got a busy weekend. May be a good ne but I’m not seeing this go long either. Isee the Usos aqctually retaining the belts, if they do a thing with the New Day after is beyond me but even if the Usos win, the smackdown tag division need a change. I just don’ty see it happening here  WINNERS: The Usos

Cruiserweight title: Buddy Murphy v/s Tony Neese: Wow do they not care about the cruiserweights and this will probably be on the preshow, again. I’m picking Buddy to retains and Tony Neese just doesn’t do it for me. It will be a decent match though. WINNER: Buddy Murphy

Woman’s Tag Title: Sasha/Baily v/s Nia Jakks/Tamina v/s Pheonix/Natalia v/s Iiconics: This match may not be much but I still expect it better than the Battle royal. I’m picking Sasha Banks and Bailey to retain in an decent if unremarkable match. WINNER: Banks/Bailey

No Holds Barred Retirement match: Triple H v/s Batista: Umm… What the hell is this? Two guys who haven’t had full schedules in years fighting so one guy can still wrestle once a year for matches like this so they could tell us how awesome he still is. Not expecting much out of this match either but Triple H will win because he is Triple H and he always wins. WINNER: Triple H

Falls Count Anywhere: Miz v/s Shane McMahon: A falls count anywhere match between two heels. We are supposed to cheer the Miz but Nah. I do not care about him enough and probably just attention seeking for his awful reality show more than anything else. Miz probably wins for some reason and then turns right back into a full heel on the Smackdown after. WINNER: Miz

Roman Reigns v/s Drew McIntyre: Roman wins. Roman ALWAYS wins and it also makes you wonder how much of that Cancer is actually legit and not just a lame excuse to get some attention on Roman himself. Horrible thing to think but the WWE has done stuff like that before. WINNER: Reigns

Kurt Angle v/s Baron Corbin: Angle retirement match and probably not the best match of the show. Angle will probably win but it won’t be the memory maker that the WWE wants us to think it is. WINNER: Kurt Angle

AJ Styles v/s Randy Orton: This could be a good match with a lot of back and forth. Winner will probably be Orton and he will get another shot at the WWE title based on it. WINNER: Randy Orton

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal: These never go well at all. The winners and doomed to do nothing with the honor so the actual winner will not matter. Probably Braun Strowman who will then do nothing with it like he has been a long time. WINNER: Braun Strowman

Wrestlemania Woman’s Battle Royal: Featuring all the woman of both brands without actual matches on the card plus women from NXT. I’m not expecting much and probably on the preshow. If forced to pick a winner I’d go with Asuka but I’m not solid on that pick. Not expecting much and will be there and inoffensive. WINNER: Asuka

John Cena is also supposed to be there somehow but if there is a match it will be a couple of minutes at best with Cena winning. It sounds like I am expecting a flop but I also have a part of my heart that wants the show to be awesome. Let’s hope this is one time where Mania is as good or better then the NXT Takeover show before it.

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