Thoughts about the 8-bit days.


Hi Gang!

Recently I was writing something about the old Nintendo system, the original 8 bit NES system, and was getting nostalgic about it

I got my NES in the Christmas of 1988. It was the good one with the Zapper and the old Power Pad along with the three in one video game of Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt, and World Class Track Meet. Man, I used to play the hell out of that cartridge and all three games. Never got the beat Mario Brothers even when I got a Game Genie), hunted a lot of ducks, and jumping around on the Power Pad for a lot of hours I’m surprised I didn’t jump a hole right through the floor

I had a lot of those cartridges over time and really got into a lot of those games. Contra, Marble Madness, RC Pro-Am, The original Double Dragon, Battletoads, Wrestlemania, and a whole bunch of others. I also spent a lot of hours in front of my TV with the regular controller in my hands hoping to get to the next level and warping to the level above that.

Thinking about it, Besides the basics, I also had one of those awful Power Gloves. I remember that movie (The Wizzard) to hype that piece of crap and the Fred Savage movie was better than that crappy hunk of plastic.

I really got into Punch Out! I had the Mike Tyson version, (played the Mr. Dream version but didn’t own it) and boy did I have fun with that! Every one from Glass Joe, King Hippo, the whole group. I only beat the game after the Game Genie got me the “ability” to beat Tyson but I still had a lot of fun. I played the sequel on the Super Nintendo too and beat that one eventually but the old 8-bit game was the one I remember the most.

With the games, besides the ones I owned I rented a few as well, back in the days of VHS tapes. I would rent them from the local Home Vision Video or the local Sounds Easy video outlet. Those places merged and I think went out of business years ago, but I remember those games too, Megaman 2, Mickey’s Mousecapades, Chip n Dale’s Rescue Rangers,  Little Nemo, and about a bazillion more! Those were the days!

I kept that older system for years, sometime in the 2000’s I sold most of the games on eBay and the system and a few other games to a second-hand video game place for store credit for Xbox games and a wrestling DVD. I downloaded emulators for many of the games I owned before I played more Xbox games or on Steam. But even still I remember the old days and those games. I also remember I’m a lot bigger than back in the day so I’m not looking to replace that power pad. I’m not looking to put any holes in the floor. and after having my broken back worked over I don’t think I’m in the shape for it either.

I better stop being nostalgic before I end up in a hospital again.

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